Indiegogo Preview

We’re one week away from launching an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to finish and release the next album, Holidays in United States. Get a sneak peek of the song “Blood on My Hands” and sign-up right here, right now to receive early bird discounts when the campaign goes live. Can’t wait to have you along for the ride!

Crash & Ride

Big thanks to my friend Patrick Ferguson of the band Five Eight for having me on his Crash and Ride Podcast. We had a late-night, low-key conversation chatting about all sorts of things- music, Mali, and tons more. It’s an important podcast addressing critical issues around mental health and offering resources to seek treatment and support. Check it out! Other interviewees you may know include Patterson Hood, Will Johnson, Bill Mallonee, Lilly Hiatt, Jolie Holland, your (soon-to-be?) favorite children’s music singer, Caspar Babypants, and others. LISTEN to it HERE.

Little Tiger Press

Flagpole Magazine featured a glowing review of the Little Tiger EP this week:

“Longtime Athens songwriter Adam Klein has just released his new three-song EP named Little Tiger. These tracks are outtakes from his album Low Flyin’ Planes, which came out in early 2019. The title track is a sweet and loving tribute to a cat that met his demise in Klein’s driveway. The way Klein imagines an entire personality and life for this poor creature, not to mention the positively gospel-worthy melody and arrangement, is simply stunning. Klein imbues his subject with a combination of brittleness—or at least vulnerability—and strength, creating a stark reminder that the world around us is much richer and more complex than we think. The record is bookended by the breezy, but not lightweight, “Halfway To Heaven” and the honky-tonk rave-up “Take It ( On Faith).” This is a wonderful little collection of songs, but its centerpiece is the real gem here.”

Thanks to Gordon Lamb for the kind words!

Little Tiger Video

Glide Magazine premiered the video for “Little Tiger” today, calling the song “a stirring and reflective track that is masterfully recorded and produced, reminiscent of the ageless rustic folk of Dwight Twilley and M. Ward.”

Big ups to filmmaker Jeff Shipman for this beautiful piece, to Bronson Tew and his glorious production and musicianship, Crash Cason (electric guitar), Jay Gonzalez (keys), and Matt Patton (bass) of Dial Back Sound, and Glide for the premiere. Check it out here:

Happy Release Day!

The Little Tiger: Outtakes from Low Flyin’ Planes EP is now released! Grab it from Bandcamp or iTunes, listen on Spotify, and share it around. Please also take a moment to rate and review this new EP and my other albums on iTunes in order to help draw other listeners.

This EP completes the Low Flyin’ Planes song cycle. This may be an “outtakes” collection, but that simply means in an effort to keep LFP at a digestible length, and to present a set of songs which could sit together as an effective, satisfying, and whole record, these songs were kept off of the original album. In fact, “Halfway to Heaven” and “Little Tiger” are two of my favorite songs from the LFP era. “Halfway to Heaven” has always been a companion piece to the song “Low Flyin’ Planes”, so all in all it’s gratifying for this EP to see the light of day. It’s 1/3 of an album. Enjoy the short ride.

A major THANK YOU to all involved in the project. First and foremost, engineer, producer, and musician Bronson Tew for his masterful work and production on these tunes, and to each musician who graced the songs of Little Tiger – Bronson, Crash Cason, Jay Gonzalez and Matt Patton of Drive-By Truckers, and Eric Carlton. Shout out to Dial Back Sound studio in Water Valley, Mississippi, to photographer and filmmaker Jeff Shipman, to graphic designer Jason Harwell, and Frank Keith of Sweetheart Publicity. What a thrill working with this crew.

Listen close & enjoy!