African Sky


Happy to be featured on the African Sky website. Visit this link to check out the interview and write-up on Archer’s Arrow and its Mali connections by Jenny Cordle. And make sure to read her devastatingly powerful and beautiful memoir piece on her time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali here in the documentary magazine Vanishing Point.

I’m pleased to serve as the Program Director for Community Arts for African Sky. A social profit charity for Mali, AS is an all volunteer organization devoted to building friendship and understanding between the people of Mali and the United States. We bridge US and Malian communities to confront some of the devastating symptoms and causes of endemic poverty and hunger. Our philosophy of community development is based on the belief that humanity’s physical, ecological, and spiritual well-being are rooted in universal compassion and sustainable living. Please check out African Sky‘s great work and see how you can be involved at the AS site.

I’m currently in the very early stage of developing a podcast about Malian and West African culture, music, and development. If you have any suggestions and insights for a budding podcaster, feel free to get in touch via, and thanks in advance.

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