CAM on The Basement Rug

The Basement Rug blog out of Toronto (great city!) are showin’ some Thanksgiving love for Cowboy Angel Music! Visit The Basement Rug to download a Cowboy Angel Music Sampler plus a write-up on each of the acts!

Here’s their take on the new album, Wounded Electric Youth:
“Although the roots renaissance has been riding in on some degree of pop experimentations, the results that I’ve heard remain largely purist. While the country and bluegrass crowd continues to dangle their toes into the pool of pop, Klein has calmly walked past them and dived directly into the deep end with all his clothes still on.

‘Tired Afternoon (Out For Love)’ has all the mellow markings of a mid-1970s Neil Young or James Taylor – soft, lush, spacious. Well done Adam! The bouncing melody and female harmonies in ‘To Be A Loner’ shine like a beacon to lure the more purist roots artists deeper into pop waters. Anything that sounds this fun has to be good for you! But purists aren’t so easily lured. Meeting them half way, Klein shows them he is capable of the most haunting traditionals while keep his pop hat on in the 7+ minute epic, ‘Of Pirates & Vagabonds’.”

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