Community Voice Int’l: 9 albums!

Hello again folks. I’m proud to be on the board of a budding non-profit called Community Voice International. CVI is working to support community development projects in various villages in Senegal through a pretty unique model. We record field recordings of music made in each community, sell the tracks to listeners and supporters worldwide, and share info about these communities’ specific needs (new well for potable water, improvements on or construction of school buildings, improvements for local health care, micro-finance projects, etc.). 100% of the funds raised from the sale of the music will go back into the village to help them achieve their development goal.

The pilot project is underway and I’m pleased to share 9 full albums of field recordings made in various villages in Senegal. These tracks bring you into the heart of a community and its spirit. Please have a look via Bandcamp, share the page via facebook and twitter, and support the cause by purchasing some great music!

Check out CVI President David Bleckley’s interview with the BBC World Service Newsday today!

I ni che,

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