end of tour, blogs comin’..

Hey y’all- it’s Adam. In Vienna for the week. Fresh off a fantastic Europe tour- two great weeks in The Netherlands, joined by Crash on electric guitar, followed by ten days in UK. Loved it all. Thanks to all the new friends who came out and hosts for having me. Hope to see y’all again next time.

Only had sporadic internet access on the move, and left my camera in The Netherlands, so no in-the-moment viral-friendly updates from the road this past month (except facebook & some ole fashioned tweetin’).

But as usual, I’ve got an epic collection of blogs (ten pages in all) giving ya the full run-down. The whats, wheres, whos, hows. The wild and the weird. Replete with fingerprints and mug shots lost somewhere between France and UK. I’ll bring it in small doses, so visit the blog page in the coming week to get a scattered, non-linear account of the tour! The written word’s good for ya.

Reviews keep pouring in from all-around- France, Hungary, Netherlands, UK, etc. Wounded Electric Youth is still alive, kickin’, and in its prime.

Some videos from the tour are up on You Tube and check out the Facebook page for more pics.

Here’s a shot with Crash at Blueprint Radio show in Veendam, Netherlands:

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