Adam Klein in a grassy field

New Year’s Update

Happy holidays & thanks for stopping by. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and safe new year for all! A few things of note in the works as this crazy year comes to a close:

  1. THANK YOU Indiegogo supporters for helping
Supporting Dylan Leblanc October 1st at The Root

Supporting Dylan Leblanc

Happy Fall, friends, and thanks for stopping by. Got a birthday show on tap this week in the Classic City:

FRI. OCT 1stThe Root – Athens, GA (7pm doors; 8pm show)

Got a few tickets to give away, …

Adam Poulin on fiddle and Adam Klein on guitar

Summer Shows!

Real live music shows are back, and we’ve got a few comin’ up in the next month or so. Look out for more dates post-COVID (whenever that may be). In the meantime, hope to see ya out there:

Sat. August

Adam Klein You Did It!

You Did It!

Thanks to you, we did it! A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign for Holidays in United States. The campaign is now in the “InDemand” stage, so it’s actually still open and live. …

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