Pledge Music- 100% & Counting!


Many thanks to the support of our ~110 pledgers, we reached our goal and have raised the funds to manufacture the new album! As it turns out, the Pledge Music campaign will remain live and can accept additional pre-orders/pledges until November 20th, when all pledgers will receive the final mastered tracks!

So if you have not pre-ordered this fine album- please consider doing so at this time. 15% of all funds we raise now will benefit the UN World Food Programme‘s work in Mali, West Africa. We will use additional funds to cover mixing and mastering fees and a pr campaign. And if we can receive enough pre-orders this next month we’ll press this outstanding album on vinyl records! Visit the link above!

I’ve been posting the final mixes and exclusive content for the pledgers. Join now to gain access and be one of the first to enjoy the new material.


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