Table for Three

Hey there y’all. Been a while, huh? We cooked up something nice. Spent the first few months of the year prepping for our new addition, and she arrived ten weeks ago. We’re having a blast and emerging from the initial daze of sleeplessness. Thanks for all the kind wishes and support that’s come our way.

Figured I should leave a quick update. A few songs for Low Flyin Planes album have been mixed and we’ll return to it as the schedule permits in the coming months. I can safely say that everyone who was a part of it is psyched and proud. So stay tuned for new album news as we move forward.

Also, the first episode of the African Sky podcast will be released very soon- next few weeks. Hope you take a listen and enjoy my conversation with the founder of African Sky, anthropologist Scott Lacy.

There are a few music videos which will see the light of day, and few upcoming shows to be added to the calendar as well.

Can’t wait to see ya out there & thanks for stickin’ with me!

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