Tranquilo, Amigos

Whoa. Crazy week up in my old stomping grounds of Boston. Let’s hope things settle into a tranquilo vibe for everyone around the country. Be good citizens and neighbors, people. Three cheers for the law enforcement officers and civic leaders who brought the saga to an end.

Sky Blue DeVille, and its relation to travel, is featured here in an article on the excellent Tranquilo Traveler blog. Author Josue Berman also wrote about Dugu Wolo in Peace Corps’ WorldView Magazine long before its release. Have a look at the link.

Fine review from Americana UK rolled in: “In a world awash with mediocrity, it is rare to hear an album of genuine originality operating within the very tight focus of generally accepted musical form… This album is absolutely everything that is expected from an American “Americana” album… a wonderful album that completely reinforces the faith one has in a particular genre. Honesty, strength and musical heft. Great.”

And who knew, but Sky Blue DeVille landed at #10 on the Roots Music Report in its debut week. Sitting pretty next to one of may favorites, Grant Lee Phillips.

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