Update on Mali

These are tough times for Mali, a place that’s supremely important to me. Please visit the links below for a description of the past few months’ storyline. Since January we’ve seen the Tuareg rebellion in the desert north with subsequent human rights violations and refugee issues as well as a coup d’etat in the capital, Bamako, that has shaken the foundations of Malian democracy. Currently, problematic factions are vying for leadership in the self-declared but unrecognized Azawad (Al Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb, the radical Islamist shariah law-enforcing Ansar Dine, and the rebel group, MNLA). All of this amidst a growing food crises throughout the region.

Read about the grave issues relating to Mali’s north and south in these following articles/sites:
Huffington Post
New York Times (on Azawad)/ New York Times (on the coup)
Bridges From Bamako
Time Magazine

The following organizations are aiding Malian refugees in Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania. Many are sending supplies into northern Mali and working to resupply medical supplies and other needs:
MSF (Doctors Without Borders)
Red Cross
Cri de Coeur
African Sky
See a map of the refugee movement (dates April 22nd) here.

Please consider making a donation to one of the above organizations and spread the word.

With hope for peace, freedom, and civil liberties throughout the world..
Ala ka nogoyake, Ala ka Mali yiriwa

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