June Hymn (Tour, AthFest CD, Afropop! & Nutria)

Back from three weeks in lovely Nicaragua.. from the coastal hills of Carazo to the mountains of Matagalpa, old cowboy town Jinotega, and Estelli, it’s become one of my favorite places. Got a few new Nica songs coming down the pike.

One Athens show this weekend followed by a string of shows in the northeast to close out the month:
Sun. June 12thHighwire Lounge– Athens, GA (8:30pm)
Sun. June 26thLiving Room– New York, NY (7pm sharp!)
Tues. June 28thCafe Nine– New Haven, CT (9pm)
Thurs. June 30th– House Concert w/ Rusty Belle– Amherst, MA (8pm)
(email hellocowboyangel@gmail.com for info)
Fri. July 1stBlue– Portland, ME (6pm)
Sat. July 2nd– House Concert w/ Putnam Smith– Dummerston, VT (7pm)
(email hellocowboyangel@gmail.com for info)
Sun. July 3rdRadio Bean– Burlington, VT (6pm)

“Driftin'”, from Wounded Electric Youth, is featured on the 2011 AthFest CD alongside a slew of other great Athens acts! Learn about Athens, GA’s, music and arts festival at www.athfest.com.

In other news, I’ll be going into the studio this week with Athens’ pop masters and fellow Cowboy Angels, Nutria, to start recording a new record. Expect the process to take a few months at least- we’ll get one session in in June and will pick it up again sometime in August.

And, in case you missed this back in April, check out Afropop‘s April Mixtape, featuring an unreleased track from the upcoming Mali album, Dugu Wolo, called “Djon Si Sekote”. That’s Abdoullaye ‘Kandiafa’ Kone, a young master, on ngoni.

Looking for the as-yet-untitled Mali documentary trailer? Here ya go: FILM TRAILER.

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