Wanna inspire a song?

As some have heard at recent live shows or in conversation, I’m working on writing an album of songs now that tell stories from the global south- either giving voice to particular individuals whom I’ve met on my travels or learned about, or songs detailing sustainable development issues and themes along with the challenges and richness of life in ‘developing’ nations. I’m excited to write and share these meaningful songs and stories. I see this as music, and the folk music tradition, at its core and deepest expression- delivering important, inspired messages about life, the world, and our actions within it through poetry and song. A few of the songs for the album will have appeared before (“Don Fernando”, and “Diamonds” from the forthcoming Mali album, Dugu Wolo), but will be rerecorded and presented with a new sound. One or two others have been played at recent shows.

The record will feature issues and stories about which I’m passionate, but need not stem from my experiences alone. In fact, I wouldn’t even try now to put into song or writing all of the different people, issues, or moments I’ve been moved by in my travels and Peace Corps experience in Mali. I hope these will emerge at the right time. So, I’d love to hear about the issues you’re passionate about and try to write a few songs for this record which come from you. I invite you to share the story of an individual fighting for dignity, human rights, and development, or an issue you care about from the global south. I’ll work on writing a song about it for possible inclusion on this unnamed, work-in-progress album. You can’t force a song, of course. They’re tricky, unpredictable beasts. But I’ll give it a shot.

Email to suggest a song that matters to you- specific details on a compelling issue (sanitation, education, rural public health, labor rights, etc.) or a special person you believe is SONGWORTHY. Please include a phone number and I will either email or call to learn more about your song!

All song ideas submitted will be included on a website devoted to this record when the album comes out at a future date. Represent, y’all.

Hope to hear from ya soon,

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